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4 Reasons Men Need Ugg Boots Too

by Lana Kaper on April 19, 2020

Ugg Boots audience is majority female, and this leaves the men in Australian society feeling ostracised – why should Ugg Boots be a product associated just with women? They can look just as good on men too. Us men have a competitive advantage in the current market, Women’s Ugg Boots sell out QUICK, but the male line of products doesn’t; take advantage of this! If you have been putting off buying a pair for yourself after eyeing off your girlfriend or partners for a long time it is time to take action. As winter approaches here are 5 ways for Australian men to show off their Ugg Boots in all their glory.


  1. You’ll have them for a lifetime

 Terrain Ugg Boots

Quality products can last their user a lifetime – and Ugg Boots are no exception to this rule. Look, I’m a man and I hate shopping as much as the next guy so why buy an inferior pair of slippers, to then have to go back to Target or Kmart every winter to get a new pair? It doesn’t make sense; in the long run, you’ll end up spending more overall and in return contributing to the ever-increasing pile of waste our country is dealing with. Save yourself the burden and the guilt of constantly having to buy a new pair. The Terrain Short Ugg Boot is our best selling product and is perfect for all those late-night fishing trips or casual trips to the pub for Friday night drinks.


  1. You’ll feel like a celebrity 

 Ultra short Classic Ugg Boots

Rumour has it that Pharrell Williams wrote his hit song ‘Happy’ whilst wearing Ugg Boots – ok, that might not be entirely true, but he has been seen wearing them out on multiple occasions whilst on tour in Australia. The Classic Ultra Short Uggs are perfect for winter! They go perfectly with your favourite pair of jeans, a nice jumper and a beanie – the result, a trendy, smart look that will have everyone turning their heads... maybe. Ultra-Short Uggs have a ridged rubber sole which makes them ideal to be worn both indoors and outdoors. Picture this, you’re outside with your mates around the campfire, drinking a beer and an ember flies out onto the grass next to the fire. You don’t want to cause a bushfire, so what do you do? Your ridged rubber sole has your back, it is strong and versatile enough to put that fire out and save you a trip to jail. The obvious response to hearing this should be to buy a pair of Ugg’s for yourself – you’ll be sure to make all of your mates jealous.


  1. Dress to Impress


Ugg Boots aren’t usually considered formal wear – they’re not considered ‘date night material’ are they? Well, I’m here to prove you wrong. Consider this... they’re easy to get off. Have I got your attention yet?


The stylish Noosa Slippers or Mens Scuffs are handcrafted from premium quality sheepskin and are the ideal piece of footwear for the at-home dinner date. They’re a combination of soft and comfortable with a splash of style sure to impress the lucky lady who you’re cooking for. Men, what vibe do you want to send your date? Studies have shown that 85% of ladies are attracted to a man who has a similar sense of style to them. You need to capitalise on this statistic – when was the last time you heard a woman talk about disliking Ugg Boots? You didn’t... they’re a foundational pillar of Australian fashion and wearing them on during a dine-in date is the perfect way to strike up a conversation.



  1. Every boot has a deep history in Australian society


This one is for all the male historians reading this. The Ugg Boot’s we know and love today were first created by MEN for Men, yes that is correct. The original 1920’s Ugg Boots were worn by shearers to keep their feet warm on the cold winter mornings when they would collect the wool from the sheep on their farm. What is more manly than that?


Before gold, Australia was built on the money the wool industry bought to the then separate colonies. It was expensive to get British items to the country, not to mention the year shipping time – thankfully you can get your Ugg Boot’s delivered in under 2 weeks these days. With the history of the Ugg Boot rooted in Australia’s early economic development, one can technically say that Ugg Boots were on the feet of the men who built this country. Why would you not want to be a part of this? Men, you owe this to your ancestors – where Ugg Boots and make them proud.

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