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Affiliation Program

Interested In Becoming An Affiliate?

Jumbo Ugg Boots Affiliation program
Earn money by placing a Jumbo Ugg Boots link or banner on your web site!

The Benefits:
Earn between 5% - 10% commission for each sale successfully generated as a result of your traffic sent via a link or a banner to our web site.
Joining is Free - it costs nothing to become a Jumbo Ugg affiliate.
Associate your name with Jumbo Ugg - a successful and exciting Online store!
Our affiliate program is managed by an external company to ensure that all traffic and sales are correctly monitored.

Who can become an Affiliate?
All you need is a web site. There's no need to be a retailer already or large cooperate web site. Just place a text link or a Jumbo Ugg banner on your web site by using one of our Affiliation Program Partners implementation code.

Who cannot become an Affiliate?
Jumbo Ugg will not tolerate affiliate web sites that contain or promote violence, discrimination based on sex, race, religion, nationality, disability or sexual orientation, spamming, or illegal activities and the violation of intellectual property.

How do I get started?
If you wish to get started immediately, please select our affiliation program partner below.